Service Portal Crash Course

  • Learn what you need

    Become familiar with a wide array of topics such as Service Portal configuration, themes, and even building custom widgets with AngularJS.

  • Build confidence quickly

    Crash Course is designed to rapidly develop experience through hands on exercises followed by exploration to cultivate understanding.

  • Minimum experience needed

    This course is by the numbers so each exercise builds on the previous. No ServiceNow experience? No problem, this course will get you started. (Some CSS, HTML, JS experience will help you)

  • Free (No strings attached)

    No, I'm not fishing for leads. I'm not looking to flood you with emails. I'm just exploring alternative teaching methods to my blog. There may be paid content one day, but not today.

Planned Curriculum


  • Welcome
  • Before you begin...

Configure the Portal

  • Exercise 1: Set Up Your Development Environment
  • Exercise 2: Using the Branding Editor
  • Exercise 3: Overriding Theme Styles
  • Exercise 4: Exploring Widgets and Widget Instances
  • Check Your Learning

Create Custom Widgets

  • Exercise 5: Create an HTML Template
  • Exercise 6: Dynamic HTML with Client Script Data and ng-if
  • Exercise 7: Dynamic Functions with Client Script and ng-click
  • Exercise 8: Dynamic Styles with ng-class
  • Exercise 9: Publish Data to the Server with Server Script
  • Exercise 10: Get Data from the Server with Server Script
  • Exercise 11: Show a List of Items with ng-repeat
  • Check Your Learning


  • Review
  • Next Steps
  • Before you leave...


This course is still under construction but you can get started today!